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International restaurant with beautiful view of the waterfall, open all year.

The island is connected to our restaurant through one of the first concrete bridges built in Chile (1995). The food offered by “Puente restaurant” is characterized by its preparations and exotic dishes, such as Deer Stag Hunter, Grain Duck, Chilean Partridge, among others. For lovers of seafood and fish we have grilled trout, salmon with seafood sauce, shrimp with garlic, among others.

Cancha GOLF 9 holes

For golf fans, our hotel has a 9-hole course open all year. We have golf clubs at your disposal and also with the sale of balls and tee.

Visits to our PUFFE craft brewery plant.

First brewery in Saltos del Laja, which seeks to produce a high quality product with local identity. Beer made with water from underground springs of the laja river.

30-hectare park with Deer and Alpacas.

One of the favorite panoramas of our travelers is the visit to the park of Deer and Alpacas unique in our area.

Natural pool

Which was built thanks to a natural accident. This pool feeds on water extracted directly from the Laja River.

Chlorinated Pool

Next to the side of the rooms is our chlorinated pool perfect for high temperature afternoons.

Car ride and Bicycles

This small island allows us to have access to the upper edges of three of the four Salto del Laja. During the summer you can tour the surroundings in horseback riding and bicycle rental, which can be coordinated with reception.

Soccer field

For footbal sports fans we have a soccer field available at all hours.